Play With More Than Music!
– A classical music competition with a difference

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“Play With More Than Music” will be the first classical music competition in Singapore to promote artistic excellence alongside confident and engaging audience interaction.  This competition aims to inspire budding young musicians to develop into skilled artists who would strive to discover new and exciting ways of communicating and connecting with audiences. The values of this competition are aligned with More Than Music’s vision of bringing world-class classical music to new audiences, up close and personal.

Each young musician will have to prepare a performance of their own choice of repertoire along with a spoken introduction, which will shed light on their unique take on the music and help audiences to connect with the performance even more. Their musical skills, artistry, personality and communication skills will all be taken into account by the competition jury.

Winners of the competition will be awarded an opportunity to perform alongside the artists of More than Music in the 2021 concert season. Performing alongside world-class professionals will no doubt be a memorable experience for the budding musicians. By giving these budding artists a platform to showcase their talent and creativity, the competition aims to inspire the next generation of musicians in Singapore to even.  The winners will work with the artists of More than Music, honing their musical skills through weeks of chamber music rehearsals leading up to the performance. They will also receive training in public speaking, exploring the stories and context around the music and developing their confidence and ability to connect with audiences.

Competition Venue & Structure

The competition will be held at the Victoria Memorial Hall Dance Studio and will be divided in 4 categories:

  • Violin Junior – for performers aged 12 and below as of 28 June 2020
  • Violin Senior – for performers aged 18 and below as of 28 June 2020
  • Piano Junior – for performers aged 12 and below as of 28 June 2020
  • Piano Senior – for performers aged 18 and below as of 28 June 2020

There will be a video screening round and a live final round for each category.

Competition Prizes

More than Music Young Artist Award:

  • This award will go to only 2 performers from the entire competition
  • Award winners will get a chance to perform in one concert as part of More than Music’s 2021 concert season, alongside the More than Music artists.
  • $500 award will be given to the award winners
  • Award winners will coaching, training and mentoring with More than Music artists in the 2 weeks leading up to the concert

Certificates will be given to all finalists, along with written feedback at the discretion of the judges.

Outstanding finalists in each category will be recognised with Platinum, Gold and Silver award certificates.

The Competition Schedule

The competition will be held over a span of 2 days, following a video recording round where finalists will be selected on the merit of their submitted performance videos.

Date Time Activity
17th May 2020 11.59pm Deadline for applications and submission of video recordings
31st May 2020 11.59pm Announcement of Finalists
27th June 2020 Saturday 9.00am-1.00pm Piano Junior Finals
2.00pm-6.00pm Piano Senior Finals
6.30pm Announcement and Awards Ceremony
28th June 2020 Sunday 9.00am-1.00pm Violin Junior Finals
2.00pm-6.00pm Violin Senior Finals
6.30pm Announcement and Awards Ceremony

Application Details

The application deadline is 17th May 2020.

Please fill in this application form. You will also be asked to submit a YouTube link and proof of payment.

Application Fees

Violin Junior $150
Violin Senior $210
Piano Junior $150
Piano Senior $210