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Introduction to Classical Music – Once Upon a Time

NAC-AEP Programme ID: AEP0315307


More than Music is a concert experience that invites students to encounter Classical Music performances in a fresh and engaging way. By delving into the intimate life stories of composers' and relating personal narratives and juicy details about the pieces, students will get an up close and personal glimpse into the world of classical music and how it relates to human emotions and society.


In this concert, students will first be treated to a musical appetizer, first on the solo violin with Motion by Charles Yang, which shows the versatility of the violin;

Next, we will hear about the British composer Edward Elgar and how he was inspired to write the all-time favourite, Salut d’Amou. Story-telling will be used and the music will unfold phrase-by-phrase along with the story so that students can truly associate the musical cues with the plot.

Up next will be an interactive portion where students will choose 4 letters, from A-G, (with sharps or flats) and our pianist will do a live improvisation to show how a simple 4 notes can manipulated into an entire piece of music. Many composers used similar devices and variations to compose their pieces.

We then move to some French music where will discuss how music relates to colors and imagery. Stories about the Sonata’s genesis will also be shared so that the piece will be more personable. Impressionism both in Art and Music will also be discussed.

Massenet will be the operatic portion of the programme. We will discuss the 3 main parts of an opera; Recitative, Aria and Symphonic Interlude. With a simple demonstration, students will quickly understand the differences between the 3 different parts of an operatic and can apply to their appreciation of Broadway musicals as well. The story of Thais will be shared so that the students can immerse themselves into the music and relive the contemplation our princess had to go through.

Ending the programme will be Italian composer Monti. Czardas is a Hungerian folk dance which was trending with Gypsies. They would travel the region, country to country, sharing with them their folk music. Many composers, including Brahms, Liszt, Strauss and Tchaikovsky were all inspired by their music and composed music in the Gypsy style. This Czardas is one of the most famous of these ever composed.

List of Artists

  • Loh Jun Hong – Violinist, co-director of More than Music, Masters from Juilliard
  • Abigail Sin – Pianist, co-director of More than Music, Doctorate from Royal Academy
  • Khor Shang Jin – Pianist, Doctorate from Manhattan School of Music
  • Jonathan Shin – Pianist, composer, arranger, Bachelor from YST Conservatory

Programme Details

  • Motion Charles Yang - 2min
  • Salut d'Amour, Op. 12 Edward Elgar - 5min
  • On-the-spot Improvisation with letters chosen by audience Jonathan Shin - 3min
  • Sonata in A major for Violin and Piano César Franck - 21min
    • I. Allegretto ben moderato
    • II. Allegro
    • IV. Allegretto poco mosso
  • "Méditation" from Thaïs Jules Massenet - 6min
  • "Csárdás" Vittorio Monti - 4min

Learning Objectives

  1. Appreciate how music is related to and expresses various emotions
  2. Be aware of how music can be linked to non-musical elements such as images and historical events
  3. Open the eyes and ears of students to the wide array of technical and expressive possibilities of each instrument
  4. Learn to hear the stories within music and to connect with emotions through music
  5. Be inspired to express themselves as unique and creative individuals through this art form
  6. Excite students to desire to achieve excellence and individual creativity in their music studies or other areas of their studies