Press Quotes

An informal and interactive approach that is accessible yet does not dumb down.
The Straits Times, 9 December 2013
Many performers are capable of breaking down the barrier between stage and audience; these musicians make you wonder if that barrier exists at all.
The Music Wire, 24 May 2014
The approach by More Than Music to make classical music more accessible to the public seems to be working like a charm… The growing number of fans only proves one thing: that classical music is cool and very much alive.
The Straits Times, 11 September 2014
There were many children among the listeners, but they were impeccably behaved throughout the two-hour concert. That is what happens when audiences are fully engaged by the performance. In that respect, More Than Music had more than succeeded, brilliantly.
The Straits Times, 15 December 2014
Tan immediately impressed with a gorgeously warm tone which filled the hall with a singing resonance… Loh displayed a keenness for pyrotechnics and let in rip in Sarasate's Caprice Basque, which had the audience bedazzled... This trio of players was well-matched and well-balanced… The end result was a happy and successful delivery, with the audience applauding and cooing with delight.
 The Straits Times, May 21, 2015
When it comes to understanding their audience and making good music, they are old hands and simply ooze maturity
The Straits Times, 21 March, 2016
You could have easily heard a pin drop, so absorbed was this audience
The Straits Times, 21 March, 2016
Lau blazed his way in a virile show of agility and athleticism… Loh is a born music story-teller… (He) brought out a rich sonorous tone befitting its spiritual peaks and troughs in a performance that will not be easily forgotten. All through the evening, pianist Sin was the omnipresent and ever-alert accompanist. Her four solos were no less gripping.
The Straits Times, 14 June 2016